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Moving In

You’ve finally made it past closing. Now it’s time to move in! Below are some final reminders to help you get started on the right foot as a homeowner.

  • File your closing packet in a safe place

  • Change your address with:

  • The US Postal Service

  • Your bank and credit card companies

  • The Department of Motor Vehicles (update your ID or driver’s license)

  • Your insurance company, internet provider, and phone company

  • Switch utilities to your new address (water, electric, gas, garbage)

We’re Here to Help

Part of being your lender means not just guiding you during the mortgage process but also staying in touch after your loan closes. We’ll reach out periodically to let you know of any changes in the market and whether there is an opportunity for you to save money, so you will always know where your mortgage stands.

If you ever have questions about your mortgage, just reach out to us. We’re here to help.

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